A Flutterby is a metamorphic creature born of a spirit world of perceptions, intuitions, and inner imaginings.

the power of creation series'
the power of creation series'

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the power of creation series'
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You must find another Flutterby … and learn the ancient art of unfolding, and thereby transforming, your dreams. The Flutterby process invites you to draw a star map … to help you find your way...


Jenelle Marshall MACRO with Canon

Jenelle Marshall

I participated in many LOL’S with Bron and enjoyed them all.

I learnt a lot, like how to use my camera and its functions and how to take great photo’s.

I participated in a Macro LOL at the Rhododendron Gardens Mt Dandenong, Steavenson’s Falls  Marysville & Burkes Lookout Mt Dandenong were I got the opportunity to use and try out the Haida Filter System.

I Highly recommend to anyone to do any of these causes they offer, they are well worth every cent I paid.

I am sure that you will feel the same after doing even one of them.

Lens Ball - Glenda Hills

Glenda Hills 

My learning experiences with Bron Anderson from Camera House have all been absolutely positive. Through Bron’s warm, friendly manner I have been able to challenge myself to experiment with my photography … a hobby I have come to enjoy immensely in my retirement from full-time work. Bron is the soul of ENCOURAGEMENT and she has certainly contributed to my quality of life as a retiree … make no mistake, she has truly contributed to my wellbeing just because she is such an enthusiastic teacher/facilitator.

Bron is a real asset to her profession!

Pier Vido 

Pier Vido LOL with CH and Blonde Robot

I have attended 3 LOL classes in 2018: the City Walk, Steavenson Falls, and Dandenong Ranges Botanical Gardens. Why did I join in? I needed to get out of my comfort zone, to think more about my technique and technical proficiency, to try equipment and to experiment in a positive environment.

Bron – and her helpers of other CCH staff, as well as suppliers/representatives – create classes where attendees are warmly welcomed; the objectives of the day are spelt out in a clear, non-threatening way; and are set to task to just experiment, have fun, try out equipment, exchange our skills with other attendees, get advice, and have more fun! And at the end of the sessions to share a coffee together, share images, and enjoy eachother’s company, make new friends.

The representatives are more than generous with assisting with their equipment for us to try out. I love that!

It’s also great to be able to see examples of our work online, so that all attendees can admire the results of our sessions. Plus, you get a goodie bag at the end of the session, better than the Royal Melbourne Show!

I have learnt a good deal from these sessions, and I really look forward to attending more in 2019. I cannot recommend the LOLs highly enough for camera buffs of all skill levels, from rank beginners to those who are fairly proficient. There’s no better excuse to get out and about with friendly like-minded people, and there’s no more wonderful, positive, enthusiastic a session leader than Bron!

Email: pierdvido@gmail.com

Seymourstudio Photographer

Since completing my photography courses with Bron, I launched my own glamour photography business. I began using the Canon 60D and now I am using the Canon 5D Mark ii. I now feel so confident using my camera and photoshop. Bron is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and eager to teach her students.  After each class, I walked away feeling highly educated.

Facebook : Seymourstudio


Instagram: @seymourstudio

Bell Ink Photography

I believe Bron is an amazing teacher. She is kind, educational, smart, friendly and most of encouraging.

She encouraged me to continue to learn and to believe in myself. She is a HUGE reason my business has become so successful. Before her I had my camera on Auto and now I work daily on Manual.

I could not thank her enough for all the help and information I have learnt.

Bron is extremely encouraging and has so much knowledge which is the only reason I can back to complete 5 of her courses, she just wants the best from us and understand it is scary to go back to school as an adult who has not done school in over 8 years.

Bron deserves  a gold medal. 

Facebook :  Bell Ink Photography


Rachael Kennedy

I have participated in 3 photography courses with Bron at the Basin Community House. Bron’s vibrant personality made it easy and a fun environment to work in and her creativity inspired me to use my camera everyday.  I own a Canon 60D and it was great to see my teacher also owning the same camera as she knew her way around it, and inspired me to invest in my new Canon lens. I just loved the classes and truly believe she is a well deserving talent.


Emma Wiles

My Canon 700D sat in my cupboard for 12 months before I signed up for Bron Flutterby Creative Photography. The course not only helped me to understand my camera but helped me to be the photographer I want to be. Bron's knowledge on my camera and others in the class was comprehensive and made me feel confident that I could get off the AUTO selection. I have now signed up to do further courses with Bron and am thinking of investing further in a Canon Powershot with my tax refund.

Tamsin Preston

The photography courses that Bron has offered us is just incredible! She thinks about the many different ways people learn an combines them into a class to teach everyone something new. Bron is very bubbly an passionate about what she does.

My favourite by far was when we went up to Sky High – Mt Dandenong. It was towards the end of our course and it was a perfect chance for us to use our new skills that we have learnt in class. 

Bron had taught me an all the other students so much and I am so thankful for that. Without her I would still be taking photos on Auto.

I loved participating and learning new thinks about my camera with Bron. 


Instragram  @tamsins_photography