'Welcome to my world of perceptions. I see life as a transformative process, a metamorphosis. Forever moving forward into the unknown.

I am continuously exploring new ideas and somehow revealing hidden worlds with my conceptual photography.  So I guess I am communicating the hidden world around us as I explore and develop my ideas and bring forth my conceptual art.'

Bron aka Flutterby Creative is multimedia artist based in the Dandenong Ranges.  Bron  has made her way so far through her career exploring many aspects in her Profession:

Including Workshops, Exhibitions, Event photography, Press Releases, Photo publications, Weddings, and Video production.


'I first began my photography journey when I was 16, back in the film days. Yes! I have always had a passion to experiment and capture the world around me... to make the ordinary look extraordinary!'


Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Photography 2002  ~ Diploma in Information Technology Multimedia 2011 ~ Cert 4 in Small Business 2012 

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